Private Labeling is one of the easiest ways to build up your brand, whether you’re a reputable dietary supplement company seeking to expand your current product line or you’re a fresh company breaking into the nutritional supplement industry.

Bliss offers numerous ready-to-brand private label supplement formulas in various dosages and delivery forms to suit your needs. Customers may choose pre-existing private label formulas and give them your personal touch by adding your name, design and packaging. As a one-stop private label service, Bliss Lifesciences will manufacture your supplement and package it for you. We believe that your private label experience should be reliable as well as efficient.

When you’re in the business of branding and marketing your products, you shouldn’t have to worry about the manufacturing aspects. Our private label supplements have already been formulated, tested, and certified for safety and regulatory conditions. Just add your personal touch and your new product is ready to go.For further enquiries about our private label services, please Contact Us to get more information!


Our in-house research team designs and fabricates completely integrated full process flow to manufacture premium quality of health supplements and food ingredients at affordable cost. We offer the best in class health supplements and food ingredient with unmatchable quality and ensure pure, natural & vegan due to highly simplified self researched processes.

Science-Based Product

Bliss Lifesciences scientifically designs and customizes nutritional products based on the unique needs of individual clients.
New products and formulas are researched and tested prior to full-scale production. The company also directs and participates in research studies to establish consumer benefits and scientific efficacy supporting both product claims and marketing initiatives.
Bliss team of scientists utilizes the verified results of these studies to design customized nutritional products. Bliss has performed investigations in affiliation with renowned research institutions. The science behind our formulations ensures that our customers receive the most advanced nutritional supplements available.

Testing and Quality

Our onsite laboratory continuously monitors the output of the production facility to ensure the highest quality of finished goods. We conduct extensive laboratory testing on state-of-the-art laboratory equipment including High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrophotometry (ICP), Dissolution and Absorption, Microbiological Testing, and Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR).
All products are meticulously examined for weight, ingredient homogeneity, color standardization and content levels. This extensive laboratory testing ensures that Bliss's customers are supplied with products that conform to the highest standards.

Quality Certificates